5 IOS Apps For The Elderly

ios appsIn today’s world which is dominated by the digital fortress that has developed around us, there is something for every individual out there. Age is not a barrier. Whether you’re 7 or 70, there is an app for you that will help you in your daily life or help you kill time. The IOS app store has some of the best apps in the market with their excellent UI and user experience.

When you’re past your primes, time seems to slow down. The world view changes drastically. Keeping that in mind, IOS developers came up with some excellent apps over the past few years. Here are a select few.

#1: Pill Reminder Pro

With age, your brain tends to lose track of certain things like you forgetting to water your Fern or your daily medical dosage. The Pill Reminder Pro app will help you keep track of your daily medicine intake including its name, dosage and frequency. It will send you reminders through PUSH Alert and keep you on your toes, avoiding that scolding from your daughter.

#2: FixMyStreet

The older generation has a lot of time to kill. Days of sitting on an easy chair and sipping Sherry are long gone. Transience has made life rash and difficult. So say you’re taking your evening walk and you come across a suspicious abandoned car, you can easily report it to your local authorities with this app. Or maybe you pass a pothole or shattered glass, FixMyStreet will have the right authorities at your fingertips.

#3: Dragon Dictation

Sometimes it’s increasingly difficult to type long emails or send instant texts or read through those tiny letters in that bright screen, when your eyes and fingers aren’t as good as they used to be. Dragon Dictation app will read out your texts and emails to you. You can even dictate your tweets and email or even update your Facebook status verbally. Dragon Dictation will make life a whole lot easier.

#4: Kindle

Reading seems to be the favourite pass-time for every grandfather and grandmother in the neighbourhood. Sometimes travelling to the library is a cumbersome task. And most libraries today do not even hold those old books your grannies love to read. With Kindle, that issue is abolished completely. With its user friendly interface and utter simplicity, Kindle will provide you with thousands of books and magazines to read from. So why burden yourself with those heavy hard-bound books when you can have it all in a slick little device. And the thing is, if you have insomnia, you can dim the lights and still read from your digital screen.